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5 Things You Need To Fix In Your Small Business Website Today

We all make mistakes. One of the many benefits of a professional website is that they can be fixed easily which also means cheaply.

Admittedly, fixing all of these problems yourself may be beyond the skillset of many people reading this article. This last one most certainly will be.

But that’s why you’ve kept in touch with your web designer. Oh, you haven’t? Fill out the form below to have us take a look at your site.

You Should Use A Content Management System
To Power Your Next Website

When started out in 2003, websites were designed quite a bit differently than they are today. Not only were they much less dynamic than they are today, but updating a website took a lot of time.

It was almost impossible for the average small business owner to do it themselves, and because of the time involved (changing a phone number page-by-page for example) it could get expensive to have even basic updates done for you.

Many business owners did not understand the value of having a website, and so the extra costs of keeping content updated seemed like a ridiculous expense to many of them.

Much has changed since then. Google and other search engines now rank your site based on three things:

Use Social Media to Grow Your Small Business Relationships

Social Media Marketing:
Focus On Building Relationships

There are many services available that offer to grow the number of followers you have on Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites for a fee.

But, answer this question before you choose to grow your numbers this way.

Top Five Places To Share Your Awesome Website Content for Small Businesses, Entrepreneurs and Content Marketers

Top Five Places To Share Your Awesome Website Content:

(not including Facebook or Twitter)

You’ve written an awesome blog post or have some exciting news to share. You’ve posted it on your Facebook page, shared it on your personal profile for your friends to see, and even added the title and a link to your article on your Twitter feed.

Great. Now what?

How do you get more people to see Your Awesome Blog Content?

Small Business Owners Can Learn From Large Corporations and Their Mistakes

Why Apple is Sinking, and What Small Business Owners Can Learn From It.

Just a few years ago, Apple was rated as one of the top companies in the world. And while it’s still among the most profitable companies in the world, it is losing ground in other areas that will eventually sink the company.

Unless Jonathan Ive is developing some sort of high tech Ouija board; Steve Jobs is not likely going to bail them out this time.

Are you website visitors finding what they are looking for? - Website Design and Development - Sudbury Ontario, Northern Ontario, Small Business Marketing Experts Ontario - Canada - United States

What Are YOUR Website Visitors Are Looking For?

The way people view websites has changed substantially over the past few years. And while sales of mobile devices may be down, usage of smart phones and tablets is definitely on the rise.

By some accounts, over 75% of North Americans will be using mobile devices to access the internet in the next two years.

Also, the majority of Canadians use multiple devices to access the web, and spend over 45 hours online a week.

But are they finding what they’re looking for when they find your website?

Top Three Reasons Facebook Pages Cannot Replace Your Website

Top Three Reasons Facebook Cannot Replace A Business Website 

I have to admit I've put off writing this article for a while. After all, has been designing and developing websites for clients across Sudbury, as well as, Northern and Southern Ontario, Canada, the U.S. and Australia since 2003. 

But the fact is less than 40% of our business comes from website design, and most comes from content development, marketing services and managing websites for corporate clients. We're a lot less biased than we used to be.

I also want to point out that I don't think every business needs to have a website or a Facebook page.