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Social Media Marketing:
Focus On Building Relationships

There are many services available that offer to grow the number of followers you have on Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites for a fee.

But, answer this question before you choose to grow your numbers this way.

Use Social Media to Grow Professional Relationships for your small business

Is it more important to have a large number of followers, or is it more important to have followers who interact and respond to your posts?

There are Facebook pages that we administer that have over 20,000 Likes. Some have less than 500.

While larger numbers are very exciting, in truth there are some days that the smaller pages are more responsive and drive the same amount of traffic as the larger ones.

Ultimately, you want people who will purchase your products, register for events or otherwise engage and help spread the word about you and what you’re doing.

I’ve been to the Facebook page of more than one large business with millions of Page Likes, only to find that they only have double digit numbers on Post Likes.

At the same time, I’ve been to business Pages with a few thousand Likes that also have double digit Post Likes. They’re the one’s actually doing better as they are engaging a higher percentage of followers than the larger companies.

Marketing involves a certain amount of speculation and risk, but in the long run there are facts that support whether your initiatives are successful or need to be revamped.

Millions of followers but a low response rate does nothing to boost your message.

Building from a small number of engaged fans to a larger number of equally engaged followers is the best option. Buying Page Likes is not the best way to accomplish this.

Work at building engagement organically, Like and Share other people’s content and even paying to promote yourself will take longer, but will be more effective and get you the results you’re looking for.

Mitch Ross

President | Creative Director

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