Top Ten Types of Website Content Your Ideal Client Is Looking For Before They Buy From Your Small Business

At this moment, someone is on your small business website looking for a reason to purchase from you.

That reason could be price, your products or services, but more and more; people are visiting websites looking for content that gives them reasons to buy from you.

Top Ten Types of Website Content Your Ideal Client Is Looking For Before They Buy From You a digital marketing article from, Marketing, website design and content development is Greater Sudbury, and across Ontario, Canada

Social media has permanently changed how people make purchasing decisions. One significant change is that the average person is looking for some way to connect with the people they buy from. Relatability is sometimes a more substantial factor than price.

Big corporations get this, which is why McDonald's (as just one example) spends so much time and money creating warm, fuzzy customer feelings. They have huge budgets to do this with.

If you're reading this article, it's unlikely that you have Mickey Ds marketing budget.

The least expensive and most accessible way to increase or strengthen customer relationships is by creating various types of content.

Here are the Top Ten Types of Content Your Ideal Client Is Looking For Before They Buy From You:

  1. Blog Posts - It seems like a no-brainer, but telling people about industry trends, why things are changing, and the benefits of new products/services in a short series of articles is easy for most people to create. 

  2. White Papers - Have you had an exceptional situation you've dealt with lately? Or a client that had great results with your product or services? Write it up and offer it as a free download on your website. Of course, you need to ensure you get their contact info first.

  3. Email Newsletters - Regular newsletters that keep clients and prospects in the loop are still a great way to build loyalty.

  4. Brochures - Have you just created a brochure or rack card to promote a specific part of your business? Get an e-version of the document and add it as a clickable download on your website. It adds content, saves on printing and is environmentally friendly.

  5. FAQs - Everyone has questions they are regularly asked, and with that comes the answers you have prepared. Write 'em up and post them on your site.

  6. How-To-Guides - Like white papers, these documents should be made available to those who are willing to signup for your newsletter or some other way they give you their contact details. And clients. Remember to make them available to clients through a Registered Clients section on your website, a download or a freebie for registering for your newsletter.

  7. Online Video - Most businesses still do not use video in their marketing. And that's a shame, as video is the most popular content available today. It's getting easier and easier to create yourself as well. If you have a mobile phone, you also have a video camera. Both Apple and Google have an abundance of video editing apps for all ability levels.

  8. Client Reviews - Get testimonials and post them on your Facebook, LinkedIn, and especially your website.

  9. Photo Galleries - Given how easy it is to take good pictures with your phone, your business websites, social media pages, and Flickr and Instagram accounts should be filled with them.

  10. Lists - By reading this far, you've proven the value of lists as content in your business website.

So there you have it. The Top Ten Types of Content Your Ideal Client Is Looking For Before They Buy From Your Small Business.

When I originally wrote this, I had read an article with 101 types of content for your website. I whittled this down to the Top 10 types of content I thought would be easiest to create, and that is by far the most popular. No sense in making it if no one wants to see it.

Knowing whom you are selling to (or trying to sell to) and learning more about what they want will help you save time and resources to get the right content into your online presence as quickly as possible.

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