Five Ways Northern Ontario Businesses Can Use Linked In More Effectively

Why Does LinkedIn Matter?

Business professional social media site LinkedIn is growing. Rapidly.

In March of 2011 LinkedIn reported having 100 million active professionals using their site. By June of 2012 that number had risen to 175 million. The growth of the site among business professionals goes a long way towards proving LinkedIn’s slogan “Relationships Matter.”

Update December 4, 2015: As of October 29, 2015, LinkedIn has over 400 million users world wide. Over 100 million users are in the United States, but some stats show that 70% are outside the U.S. CHeck out this impressive stat by clicking here

In business today, the know, like and trust principle is the rule, not the exception.

Five Ways Northern Ontario Businesses Can Use LinkedIn More Effectively

Sure there are still plenty of people looking only for “razzle dazzle” in sales, but in the long run they are disappointed with the products and services that they actually receive.

More people are taking the time to build relationships, and those relationships matter as they often lead to increased sales over a longer time period.

Five Ways You Can Use LinkedIn More Effectively

  1. Don’t try to friend everybody. This is not Facebook, and if you have a long list of people who accept your request, but never really connect with you, then you will be disappointed. This is about relationship building, not building numbers.
  2. Visit regularly. It is very common for people using LinkedIn to sign in, post an update, and then close out of the site. Sometimes for weeks at a time. This is not a good strategy.
    Visit LinkedIn once a week, plan something to post and then see what your contacts are up to. Especially with existing clients, and people you want as customers. Click the Like button and comment on one of their posts. Remember. You are relationship building, and you cannot do that without communicating.
  3. Follow companies you are interested in. Too few people do this. What better way to build your knowledge of a prospective client than to follow their company pages. Signing up for updates is the easiest way to do this as you do not have to remember to seek them out.
  4. Join Groups. Answer questions. Want to make headway in a particular industry? Then join a group dedicated to them, and answer questions when you can in order to show your expertise.
  5. Do you want people do do something? Use a Call To Action. Even if it's something simple like “Click the Link Below to Visit Our Updated Website” or “Call Us for More Information at 705.671.1114” people sometimes miss the obvious cues to act on something. Make it easy. Tell them what you want them to do.

LinkedIn is a very powerful tool, and much better than Facebook for Business to Business sales. But, it does have its own pace, expectations and subtleties that each of us has to learn. Following these “Five Ways Northern Ontario Businesses Can Use LinkedIn More Effectively” tips will help you get started (or re-started) and will help you grow better and longer lasting business relationships.

Whatever skills you learn here are very transferable to today’s business climate.

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