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How To Make Sure Your Small Business Website Redesign Is A Success

If your small business website is three or more years old it is time to start looking at having that all important communication tool redesigned and brought up to date.

Among the reasons why it’s time for a website redo are:

Website Navigation - An often overlooked part of a great website

When was the last time you thought about your website’s navigation structure and placement?

Many people don't put much thought into this anymore. Notice how many website now just feature the mobile “hamburger” menu, even for people viewing websites on laptop or desktop computers?

But effective navigation is one of the most important parts of having a successful website which leads to an increase in site visits and sales.

5 Things You Need To Fix In Your Small Business Website Today

We all make mistakes. One of the many benefits of having a professionally created website is that they can be easily fixed.

Admittedly, fixing all of these problems yourself may be beyond some people's skill set. This last one most certainly will be.

You Should Be Using A Content Management System
To Power Your Website

When started out in 2003, websites were designed quite a bit differently than they are today. Not only were they much less dynamic than they are now, but updating a website took a lot of time.