Content & Technical Support

Content & Technical Support

Content Maintenance & Technical Support Services provides quality content management and technical support services for Joomla websites

Content Maintenance

Not every website owner has the time, experience or skillset in keeping their site’s content and technical components up to date.

A website’s content is similar to a television network. Audiences don’t mind watching a rerun every now and then, and a good show in syndication will still draw viewers. Netflix, CBS All Access, Prime Video and other streaming networks show that there is a following for older shows.

But audiences are really looking for new content, otherwise television networks wouldn’t spend any more money developing any new programs. 

We’d still be watching Dragnet, and Breaking Bad would never have been made. 

Static websites, where the content very rarely changes loses its audience over time. The search engines will rank you lower and lower because of it, and then it becomes more difficult to find new viewers for your old content.

Regularly updating your website, product descriptions, industry news and milestones are effective ways to update content and keep your audience tuning in.

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Technical Support

When we opened in 2003, there were 31 website design businesses listed in the phone book for our home city. We were not in that list. 

The following year, there were 11 and that included us. 

There were hundreds of businesses left without a company to keep their website up to date. During the browser wars, this meant that many websites suddenly just stopped working, and businesses lost thousands of dollars in marketing expenses and more when you consider all the business they lost.

Today, having an up-to-date website is important because the ever changing way people are viewing websites, search engine rankings (a website running on out-of-date technologies will lose it’s rankings or even have a security warning attached to it by Google) and if that doesn’t worry you, then keep in mind that the more out of date your website is, the more likely you are to have your site targeted by hackers.

The team at is well versed in all technologies used to create websites. We have worked in a variety Content Management Systems (CMS) and online website creation systems.

In 2008 we chose to specialize in the Joomla CMS.

Joomla is the second most popular CMS in circulation, but by far the most reliable and secure. With thousands of free and paid customizable extensions available, there are few limits to the functions you can have in your website.

If you have an out-of-date website, have lost track of your web designer or just want to move forward with a website that is more professional and user friendly, contact the team at for original, reliable and professional services and solutions. provides quality content management and technical support services for Joomla websites

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