2023 Wrap-Up: ORP.ca's Top Five Most Popular Articles Of The Year!

For December 2023, we will be sharing a weekly Top Five list of things that happened in 2023 that we feel are important to small business websites and digital marketing, or in this case, something related more directly to ORP.ca's news.

Earlier this year, we restarted our weekly small business-focused blog to provide you with information to help you achieve your digital marketing goals.

There are three categories of content you will find on ORP.ca's Small Business Website and Digital Marketing Blog:

  1. New content which appears weekly,

  2. Older content. The oldest published article currently dates back to April of 2019. We do have articles older than that, but they are either no longer relevant, or we have not turned them into Evergreen content, or

  3. Evergreen content. If you're not sure what Evergreen Content is, Click on this Link to Read our Article explaining what it is and how to use it.

2023 Wrap Up ORP.cas Top Five Most Popular Articles Of The Year - A Digital Marketing article from ORP.ca Websites + Marketing | Our Expertise  = Your Success - Services for Small Business and Business Professionals

This article focuses on the Top Five Most Popular Articles that we published in 2023.

Our most popular article, currently published, is "How To Make Sure Your Small Business Website Redesign Project Is A Success," which has been viewed over 14,500 times since 2019 and is part of our Evergreen Content category.

Here is the Countdown of our Top Five Most Popular Small Business Blog articles for 2023:

# 5. Top 5 Ways for Small Businesses to Promote Themselves Online (Even Without a Website or Social Media Presence)

"In today's high-tech world, an online presence is crucial for small businesses to thrive and reach a wider audience. But are websites and social media platforms the only way to be found online by your ideal client?"

Boost your small business success with these must-read tips: Click here to check-out this article.  

#4. Choosing A Social Media Platform To Promote Your Small Business: LinkedIn

"At ORP.ca, experience has shown that focusing on two and no more than three social media platforms works best, primarily because that allows you to get to know your audience and generate content that will appeal to them."

Take advantage of crucial advice for your small business growth: Click here to read this article

#3. Designing for Conversions: How to Optimize Your Website for Sales

"Business professionals know that a solid online presence is crucial for the success of any business. However, having a website and social media presence is not enough."

Stay ahead of the curve: Click here to read this small business-focused digital marketing article

#2. DIY vs A Professionally Created Small Business Website

"We will admit to having a bias on this topic. Still, most people already know that having a website for your small business is essential."

Empower your business journey: Read these essential insights in this small business online-oriented article.

#1. The Importance of a Professionally Designed and Up-To-Date Website for Drawing Clients to Your Small Business!

"It's a fact that establishing an online presence is an essential tool for small businesses to effectively reach their target audience and remain competitive."

Fuel growth for your small business: Click here to unlock the insights in this article.

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