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About ORP.ca
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ORP.ca started in 2003 to provide original, reliable and professional website design/development and marketing solutions to small businesses, rural communities and NGOs.

We saw this as a way to consolidate our background in the print and broadcast industries with our our own experiences starting and running small businesses. Include our, education, sales, business and consulting background, and we formed a business that has a deeper than a one seminar certificate understanding of what digital marketing is really about.

We also understood that business were started and run by real people with real goals. Because of that, no two projects are exactly alike. 

And that’s one of the many things we love about what we do.

If you’re ready to work with a website design and development firm, who provide digital marketing and branding services and love what they do, contact us today to start moving forward.

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What We Provide

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Website Design & Development

Custom design to match your brand, responsive websites for all devices, e-commerce solutions... Built on Joomla!

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Content & Technical Support

We help keep your content up-to-date, and provide technical updates so your website runs smoothly and securely.

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Digital Marketing & Branding

Digital marketing is more that having a website and Facebook page. Get your brand in front of your target audience.

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Professional Services

Joomla focused web hosting. Domain name management. Special services for small business. Marketing consulting.

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