ABOUT: Optimizing Image Dimensions and File Sizes for Social Media Platforms

ABOUT is a new series of articles that the Team at ORP is creating to inform business professionals at all levels of Digital Marketing experience on the "basics" of using the Internet so that you can present your business' products and services are in front of your ideal client.   

At a time where (almost) everything is available online, social media platforms have become essential for businesses to connect with their ideal client and build a solid online presence. 

Graphic content such as photos, illustrations and other images is crucial in capturing attention and engaging users. 

 Image for Proper Image Sizes For Popular Social Media Platforms a digital marketing article for business professionals from ORP.ca Website Design and Digital Marketing ExpertsHowever, uploading images with incorrect dimensions and file sizes can negatively impact your brand's visibility and user experience. 

Please note: these requirements change frequently, and it is a good practice to double-check the file size and dimension requirements before you start creating your images.

This article will guide small business owners on the optimum dimensions and file sizes for images uploaded to popular social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. You can find the sizes for other platforms by searching for them online.

  1. Facebook: Facebook is a versatile platform that accommodates various image types. To ensure your images look their best, follow these guidelines:

  • Profile Picture: Use a square image with dimensions of 180x180 pixels. The image will be displayed as 170x170 pixels on desktop and 128x128 pixels on mobile devices.

  • Cover Photo: Opt for an image with dimensions of 820x312 pixels for desktop or 640x360 pixels for mobile devices. Maintain a file size below 100 KB for faster loading.

  • Shared Posts: Use images with a minimum width of 1,200 pixels for optimal quality. Facebook recommends a file size of less than 15 MB.

  1. Instagram: As a visually-driven platform, Instagram demands high-quality images that resonate with your brand. Consider the following dimensions and file sizes:

  • Profile Picture: Utilize a square image with dimensions of 110x110 pixels. The photo appears at 180x180 pixels in size, so ensure your logo or branding is easily recognizable in both sizes.

  • Feed Posts: Aim for an image size of 1,080x1,080 pixels for optimal resolution. Currently, the maximum allowable file size is 20 MB.

  • Stories: Use images with dimensions of 1,080x1,920 pixels. While Instagram compresses images, it's essential to maintain high quality using pictures and graphics with a file size below 30 MB.

  1. LinkedIn: LinkedIn serves as a professional networking platform, and image optimization is vital for leaving a positive impression. Here are the recommended dimensions and file sizes:

  • Profile Picture: Use a square image with dimensions of 400x400 pixels, which is displayed as 160x160 pixels.

  • Cover Photo: Opt for an image with dimensions of 1,584x396 pixels for optimal display. Maintain a file size below 8 MB.

  • Shared Posts: Use images with a minimum width of 552 pixels. LinkedIn recommends a file size of less than 8 MB.

As this article shows, not all social platforms have the same requirements regarding image sizes. Different platforms require different file sizes and dimensions. It's necessary to do a general search for the needs of the social media site you intend to use before you create the graphic.

Optimizing image dimensions and file sizes is crucial for small business owners aiming to make a significant impact with followers on social media platforms. 

Adhering to the recommended dimensions and file sizes for Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn ensures your images look professional, load quickly, and engage your target audience effectively. 

As stated above, it's essential to regularly review each platform's guidelines, as they may update their recommendations. Start applying these best practices today, and watch your social media presence thrive with visually appealing content!

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