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What is Content Marketing?

Content Marketing has been gaining more attention lately in Small and Startup Business circles. Business owners in northern and rural Ontario communities, in fact across all of Canada, are picking up on the term and wondering what it is and how it will benefit their business.

What is Content Marketing?

Mobile Friendly - Google’s Newest Ranking Factor 

Google was just a few years out of the barn when we started in 2003. Yahoo, Alta Vista and MSN Search (now known as Bing) were all popular search engines where small businesses were struggling to be found. Google won the search engine wars, and is now the place to be.

Website content to improve your small business' search engine results.

It's surprising to me how many people still think that once they launch a website, they can just leave it alone until its time for the next redesign.

That's the wrong approach to having a successful website for many reasons, but today we'll focus on three of the most important ones.

Top Ten Types of Content Your Ideal Client Is Looking For Before They Buy From You

Right now, someone is on your website looking for a reason to purchase from you.

That reason could be price, your products or services, but more and more, people are visiting websites looking for content that gives them reasons to buy from you.

Social media has changed how people make buying decisions. The average person is looking for some way to connect with the people they buy from. 

Getting More From LinkedIn

Time is money, so whatever activity you take part in to increase your sales has to have some measurable level of return. Done incorrectly, social media can take a lot of time and return little. If you are not getting the results you need, then you either have to drop what you are doing or change how you are doing it. Done incorrectly, social media can take a lot of time and return little.

What Facebook Isn’t

It doesn't take much for Facebook to garner all sorts of media attention. Whenever this happens, most business owners start wondering if there is something that they're missing out on.

In order to figure out if Facebook is the place for you, maybe it's helpful to understand what Facebook isn't.

The Importance of Good Website Content

You’ve probably heard the saying that “Content is King.” In online marketing, that statement has never been truer than it is today.

Every day, people scour the web looking for information, and the fact is that businesses who have winning marketing strategies are also focused on creating and distributing online content regularly.